Stream Bulletin – Thursday 22nd Febuary 2018

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Today’s stream started with Chris playing a nature deck and Ben playing a majority unaligned deck. The deck was crossed with Storm, making use of the new wave 2 card Sergeant Thunderfin to enable Ben to substitute an unaligned card for a combo cost requirement. Hungry Behemoth did a fair amount of work, and repeatedly destroyed the unaligned deck, even when Chris and Ben swapped decks. This type of deck does look as if it has potential, but I feel it needs a little work before it’s truly viable.

In the intermission, Tantos was launched! The site became open for orders and was mentioned on stream and Twitter, so thanks to the PlayFusion team for that.

The second half of the stream featured Dave, with a mountain deck, playing against Benny, using dread. The mountain deck was heavily built around fire, making good use of the recently revealed Flame Burrower – a card I’ve been very interested in. In conjunction with Flamechained Elder, some nasty hits are possible. Benny nevertheless emerged victorious, taking the score to 1-0 in his favour. Shortly into the second game, Alan existed and therefor an issue arose: the hero card reveal was scuppered by the card not being uploaded to the stream computer, making it unavailable to display. The game continued, and it was significantly closer this time. Wrath of the Mountain saw good use as a combo payment, coming out multiple times. Horrific Manifestation put Dave down to a single point of health, followed by Dave hitting Benny down to 3. An extended tussle ensued, with Dave healing repeatedly without being able to finish Benny off. A final Magma Spitter won Dave the game. The scores were even.

The card revealed today was Celestin, a superior Mountain Crystal hero with 30 health, and the ability ‘When your enemy [Plays] a combo, they take two damage’. Crystal has a good balance of defence and damage, and so is good pick for a superior element. The passive ability seems to offer a good amount of utility, and will prove an interesting hero to watch in wave 2.

The third game between Dave and Benny started out with some big hits. With only 3 cards discarded between them, both players were under half health. Benny had a large board of buffs, which made for an exceptionally quick victory over Dave, with Benny having only a single card discarded. This took the scores to 2-1 in Benny’s favour. He said that in a game he’d played previously vs Chris, he lost to Chris who had no cards discarded on turn 4. Another interesting victory Dave mentioned was in a multiplayer game with all but one player on 7 health, Umbron Marauder was played, presumably with a damage buff, killing all other players. Having won the best of three they continued. Dave’s game started well, the flame cards did a good amount of damage, but were ultimately bested by Benny’s vast array of buffs on the field. For their final game, Dave switched to an unaligned deck, featuring not just Kreebals but all sorts of unaligned cards, working with Astral. Dave’s unaligned deck was significantly more effecitve than Ben’s, beating Benny’s dread deck with a comfortable 10 health remaining. I’m sure he wishes he played that deck in the best-of-three. The stream ended with Alan stepping in to play Benny, and narrowly losing.

Edit: Made some minor adjustments to correct when some games ended and others began.

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