Stream Bulletin – Friday 2nd March 2018

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Hi, and welcome to another Stream Bulletin. Today we’re recapping the stream from Friday 2nd March. The stream opened with a ‘interesting’ view of Jacob’s shirt, which I   can only suppose came about as an amalgamation of the works of three designers, none of whom knew what the others had planned. One picked a shirt, one picked salmon-pink, and one picked pineapples. There’s simply no other way something this grotesque could come into ‘fruition’. By the time of the live stream, there had been 42 cards from the 2nd wave, Mythical, revealed thus far. Jacob, Alan, Benny and Chris L went through some of these cards, paying a lot of attention to the Dread cards released in the last week, which you can find here. It was mentioned that non-expiring buffs which apply damage reduction usually only apply to the first hit, and are also conditional. Pollen Weaver is an exception to this, only being conditional. A new Mountain card, Interia Sentinel, has been around for about a year internally, and is the card that Pollen Weaver should have been.

The wonderful looking card revealed on this stream was Treetop Tribunal. It cannot be removed and deals 16 damage on the fourth corner, rotating one step backwards if your target [Defends]. The art on this card is really impressive, with a stern looking Chimchu passing judgement on an entangled Yikona. Benny commented that the Treetop Tribunal is his favourite card of the week, whereas Chris L chose Captain Blacktail.

Jacob and Benny swapped out from the desk for Donnie and Christian to come in. Christian, Donnie and Chris L were all playing wave 2 Heroes, being Overseer Tuskrage, Opal the Everlasting and Captain Blacktail, respectively. Donnie started with an early Temple of Patience, which was commented on as a very useful card to have in the deck. Chris L had a lucky early draw with Hurricane Hermit, setting up to get a substantial card lead. The previous iteration of Captain Blacktail was shown to be a card called Captain Blackfeather, who had different a ability and a different superior. The old ability was “[Ability]: Deal 3 damage to your target if their last discarded card is a Defend card. This cannot be increased by effects.” This was changed from Defend to ‘not an Attack’ and also included the caveat that it cannot be used on your first turn. Christian continued to hit Chris L with Overwhelming Blast, dealing 11 damage and taking 2. Zeemex, asking the important questions, helped us to establish that when given the choice of having pickles for fingers, or all pickles being replaced with fingers, Donnie would indeed choose the latter option. This was a controversial decision, with Alan supporting Donnie heavily, and… Christian and Chris L not caring in the slightest. It also became clear that everyone is terrified by the Kreebal Nurse art. A question from BiggerXodus resulted in confirmation that PlayFusion are looking to increase their presence in new territories, namely Canada. Christian was quite easily dealing with the threat posed by Blacktail, being able to consistently have an Attack card on the top of his discard pile at the end of his turn. After a few tame turns, Christian wiped out a lot of Donnie’s damage potential with a Crazed Bomber. A lovely amount of damage was dealt by Donnie, playing Volcanic Eruption. This also prevented buffs being played by Christian for the next couple of turns. This was made worse by the fact that his buffs were also dormant. Nevertheless, Christain played backwards to eliminate Donny, providing Chris L with a huge power spike. Chris immediately used this play Cleansing Wind, winning the game.

Everyone other than Alan swapped out for Party Mark, Willie and Chris E representing Meeka, Cassini and Clay. The game started slowly, but picked up when Party Mark hit Chris E with an Overload. After more draw from Chris E, Willlie played Solar Wind for a nice hit on Party Mark. Next turn, Willie played Sun Strike for a further 7 damage, putting Party Mark dangerously low. Willie, sat on 25 health, made light work of Party Mark, gaining a strong swing in his favour with the healing and card recovery. In his excitement at having taken out Party Mark, Willie took an action during Chris E’s turn. It was quickly forgiven as a mistake and undone, but can be very impactful with an Astral deck. The health was fairly even, with Chris E on 21, and Willie on 25. Chris E very rapidly dealt some serious damage to Willie, taking him down to 12 without taking a scratch, likely thanks to Exteria Defender and Ambush Worm. A couple of slow turns passed before Willie hit Chris E with an Anti-Gravity Field for 10 damage, unfortunately missing the additional 4 by drawing gravity. Interestingly, Alan revealed that Prism Cannon was the first rotational card designed. Perhaps that is why the card is so simple and works well in a variety of mountain decks. It was once again mentioned that the digital version of the TCG will be releasing in June 2018, where your physical cards can be scanned into the app, although it could not be confirmed that digital cards would not be purchasable. With an impending 2 damage from Magma Worm against Willie’s single point of health, he made the futile choice to activate Cassini’s ability to deal 3 damage, with no other cards in hand.

The winner of this week’s stream giveaway was announced as BiggerXodus, and with that the stream drew to a close.


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