Stream Bulletin – Monday 5th March 2018

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Welcome to Monday’s Stream Bulletin! The stream started with Jacob revealing that the rule regarding moving cards from the hand to the deck has changed. Previously, just showing the bottom of the card for action type, or top for element, was satisfactory if you lacked the cards move. As of the Mythical release, you will now need to show your entire hand to your opponent. You can read about this rule change, and many other rules here.

Following the reveal, Chris L and Donnie sat down to play. Chris took Zuna to play Tech, and Donnie took Lalu the Rascal to play Storm. Chris and Benny challenged eachother to play cards and decks that are rarely seen in play. Surprisingly, Chris won the first game with his odd deck, and was relieved that Donnie didn’t notice the ‘huge hole in his deck’. Donnie took the second game by quite a considerable margin, with Chris drawing heavily and not pulling the cards he needed. Donnie took the third game as well, winning the best of three. After the best of three, Chris revealed that ‘for fun’, no Crazed Bombers were included in the deck, requiring him to access his Dread item and pull Shadow Puppet to remove buffs.

After the first three games, Donnie switched to an Ancient Ignu deck, while Chris stuck with his Zuna deck. In this game, both players built up huge hands, constantly drawing. There were a lot of buffs on the field for a lot of the time, with neither player seeming to control the field, just bouncing damage between each other. The Twitch chat became impressed with the amount of times Chris used the hero ability of Zuna, devolving into a sea of Zuna based memes. Against Donnie’s well constructed Mountain Deck, Chris’ troll deck continued to do surprisingly well. I expect to see this deck appear in top-end competitive play soon. Not. Donnie got stumped by an impending Nuke, and was unable to heal himself out of the kill zone.

Artist’s impression

This week’s Mythic Hero reveal was Zelana Bloodroot, the Nature-Dread cross order hero that was previously leaked. The passive ability on this card is awesome, drawing a card every time a buff is removed. After a lengthy setup, and discussion on jawlines and facial hair, Tom ‘the Lion’ and Benny got started, with Tech and Storm, respectively. Like Chris L, Benny was playing a troll deck, with cards that are less frequently used. Unlike the first four games with Chris and Donnie, this game was lengthy, taking more time than all of the previous games combined.  The game took so long, infact, that Tom ‘the Lion’ emptied his deck and started needing to discard. With a mighty combo and the perfect card in hand, the Lion took a savage bite out of Benny, with Jacob able only to watch in horror as his friend Benny was mauled to defeat.

After the mammoth game came to a close, Benny, Jacob and Tom the Lion began analysing the cards revealed over the weekend. The potential of Wind Seer was discussed, being a great option for viewing someone’s hand and sending a useful card back to the deck. The strength and utility of Wave Crusher was mentioned again, having been praised on the Official Lightseekers League. And with that came giveaway time! This week’s winner was Jazzygirl! Not only did she win the giveaway, but it’s also her birthday this week, so a huge congratulations to her on both counts!


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