Regional Bulletin: Manchester – 10th March 2018

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Welcome to today’s Bulletin, live from Fanboy3 in Manchester for the UK North Regional! First off, a huge thanks to anyone who’s traded with me or bought from me in person today, and I hope your collections are


As the clock struck 12:20, players took their seats ready for the tournament to start. The first round saw a good number of players sit out as they were holders of Bye cards, enabling them to bypass a round of the tournament. Of those that were playing, around a quarter (thanks for the accurate statistic, Jacob) were playing Tech, with the rest seeming to play a good balance of the other orders. One of the last games to finish in the first round was a Sicario vs Sicario Dread standoff, with a huge number of buffs in play. Eventually, Fira took the win. Congratulations!


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