About Tantos

At the dawn of time, Tantos was formed around the mysterious Corestone, the source of all energy in the world; the Corestone, in turn, created life on Tantos, with shards of it forming the first race to live on Tantos: the gigantic Colossai!

Tantos is run by Hugh, a gamer, heli pilot and computer scientist who has been following Lightseekers since it's origins on Kickstarter. With a passion for Lightseekers, business, and web development, it was only natural to produce a site dedicated to the game. Due to its infancy, Lightseekers products can be hard to find at local game stores, and the secondary market is smaller still, with certain cards a real challenge to locate. It's this desire for a complete set, and to be the best, that sealed the deal, and decided the site's identity.

Tantos was to become a site with a true goal of offering pristine quality, affordable cards to the UK market, as well as useful information and guidance to players.

As the site grows and progresses with the game, we intend to add curated deck lists, and sell complete, customised decks here on Tantos, voted on by you; the community.

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