Dread Starter Deck

£ 14.00

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The Lightseekers Trading Card Game features valiant heroesrotating cards that change their effects over time, and powerful combo cards. It’s quick and easy to learn, but also offers depth and complexity for more advanced players.

This starter deck is for the Dread Order. Dread overwhelms the target with ‘damage over time’ effects while suppressing their ability to fight back.

Each Dread Starter Deck includes:

  • 1 hero card, 5 combo cards and 30 action cards
    • Each deck has 5 exclusive cards that can only be found in these starter deck packs
  • 1 Awakening booster pack – containing another 9 cards that can be used to start building your own custom deck
  • Play mat
  • Health counter
  • Full game rules
  • Deck storage box
  • Trading shield
  • Tribute card