Ultimate Starter Bundle

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The Lightseekers Trading Card Game features valiant heroesrotating cards that change their effects over time, and powerful combo cards. It’s quick and easy to learn, but also offers depth and complexity for more advanced players.

The Ultimate Starter Bundle is not messing around. This bundle will provide you with the multiple playstyles and strategies you need to bring down even the toughest of opponents. The Ultimate Starter Bundle includes one of each starter unique starter deck; Astral, Dread, Mountain, Nature, Storm and Tech. You also make a great saving against buying the decks individually: A £44.90 saving against the RRP, and a £9 saving against buying them from us individually.


Dread overwhelms the target with ‘damage over time’ effects while suppressing their ability to fight back.

Astral is heavily influenced by the past as well as the future. What is at the top of your discard pile and what is coming next from the deck is of great importance.

Mountain is a jack-of-all-trades Order with strong combo defenses and sustained protection.

Nature gains most power when it carefully tends to its buffs and draws strength from the state of its opponent.

Storm has ways to play cheaper and more powerful combos, and is good at dealing with buff threats, but at the cost of good buff protection for itself.

Tech packs a bigger punch that most other Orders, but also puts you in greater danger.


Each of the 6 Starter Decks includes:

  • 1 hero card, 5 combo cards and 30 action cards
    • Each deck has 5 exclusive cards that can only be found in these starter deck packs
  • 1 Awakening booster pack – containing another 9 cards that can be used to start building your own custom deck
  • Play mat
  • Health counter
  • Full game rules
  • Deck storage box
  • Trading shield
  • Tribute card